Mobile App

user-interface and user-experience

Here are some of the app we did including coding. Design, UI and UX improve user retention up to 60%.

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The most popular soccer app in Europe

8 months of work

Native iOS – Android

A lot of functionalities…

More than 15 Millions users…That’s a lot!


Want to know how is your financial projection in your life?

Native iOS and Android

6 months of work



Singapore Stock Exchange - Total Revamping

9 months of work

500k download

Native iOS and Android


Manage your data and structure your network

7 Months project

Native iOS / Android

A lot of graphics and data interactions

Arte TV

The 6th most well known French TV channel

7 months

The first time a TV channel app can do Replay and Streaming

Native iOS / Android


Buy stuff for 1 dollar !

8 months – Include payment gateway (buyer and sellers) – 800k downloads

E-commerces – Gamification – Deeplink Referrals

Android and iOS :


Fist Bump To Share

Available in iOS & Android

Bump to share your contact, pictures…it works Xplatforms and no wifi,no BT,no NFC.

6 months project – App not updated since 2017 by customer.



Chat in the air, Chat on the ground

Featured in the Appstore – Best new app in August 2015

Real time interaction when connected to internet and offline chat/group.

Android and iOS version – Video Promo


The world's fastest way to send an e-voucher or a gift to your Facebook or Google+ friends

6 months project – UI/UX and coding

Android and iOS version

Gossip Hub

the first gossip app for you and your friends

4,5 months project – UI/UX and coding

Android & iOS

Give'n Get

Where everyone is appreciated

5 months project – UI/UX and coding

Android and iOS version


Give me a clue ?

4 months poject – UI/UX and coding

Android and iOS version


I Dare You!

5 months project – UI/UX and coding

Android version : Click here

iOS version : Click here


A Sharing Friendly App

2,5 months project – UI/UX


We did a lot of bug fixing, app update  (UI/UX + coding). Sept – Nov 2014

Appstore :  Click here

Google Play : Click here 


Stay Connected With Your Family!

2 months UI/UX


RED Edition

If it's not you, Pass It On

5 months development – iOS / Android