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Take your business to the next level with productivity tools crafted for the industries 4.0.

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We continuously seek between design and technology. Since 2013, we’ve helped businesses to craft productivity solutions through strategy, process analysis, CX design, technological software for the Industries 4.0.

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    Giinger Group allows your businesses and productivity seekers to upgrade your frontline workers to industrie 4.0 standards.

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    Frontline workers 4.0

    Many industrials still face a pressing problem on the front-line: their workers still use manual processes for many of their daily tasks, which are prone to human error, inefficient and slow, which in turn leads to low workforce productivity.

    Manufacturing’s reliance on manual processes can result in operational errors and inefficiencies.

    In addition, the industry faces a growing skills gap as many career veterans retire.

    Augmented reality (AR) smart glasses help speed up production, increase compliance with protocols, and reduce training times by providing hands-free instructional support right in your workers’ field of view.

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    unleashing your clients’ potential by maximising your productivity.

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    Decrease workflow interruptions by providing guidance to workers anytime, anywhere. What can we do for you?

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    More productivity for more time.

    We help our clients succeed by optimizing processes, create a digital experiences, and automatize reporting that same time, money and human errors.

    With manufacturing smart glasses, assembly line workers can access step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and video directly in their field of view, allowing them to work faster and avoid error-induced accidents. In addition, managers can view and validate each step in real time via the built-in camera.

    The downtime required to maintain and repair equipment can be costly for businesses. 

    Engineers can resolve issues quickly by viewing real-time machine data and 3D models, detailed instructions from back-end systems or video tutorials overlaid onto machines that need attention. Workers can also have remote technicians see what they see and provide live support.

    QA inspectors must often rely on written documentation or manually log findings to do their job. But this leaves room for error, allowing defects to go uncorrected. 

    Smart glasses can improve the QA process by letting inspectors pull up checklists, use AR overlays to spot defects, call other technicians, and instantly upload their findings.

    New employees can view step-by-step instructions and visual aids overlaid on the equipment they need to assemble and operate. Plus, experienced staff can use Vuzix smart glasses to create valuable training material.

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    Upgrade B2B to industrie 4.0 standards

    Although it is not always easy to take decision for IT investment Giinger will support you through the whole process.

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    Color Mesh customization for Retail

    By customising 3D model using GLTF object customers can visualise and customise their products on the fly. +300% in customers retention and engagement.